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Tell great stories, create beautiful visuals and work with really nice people

We are Sway. We provide Creative Direction and Production for photography and video. We’re a one-stop destination that does all the production, scouting, casting and curating. Our network of directors and photographers spans genres and the globe. Our boutique service is flexible, scalable and strategically tailored to your brand.

Our team brings organization, talent and vision to every project we undertake, but what truly sets us apart is the great vibe they have with our collaborators. We believe that when people feel valued, respected, and supported, they are empowered to do their best work. And nobody ever goes hungry on a Sway set! At Sway, we take pride in every project and our relationship with every client.


Nicole Hyatt & Rebecca Karamehmedovic


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SWAY Is A Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise